Advanced Property Marketing

For the more advanced property owner SeeItOnTheNet has other tools !

As an advanced forward thinking property owner you are looking for new ways to improve the way your propert is seen. For a smart person this includes using advertising methods both online, web advertising, and offline using newspaper advertising. With SeeItOnTheNet you can use both at the same time linked to gether.

SeeItOnTheNet has an ability to track telephone numbers and email addresses from newspaper advertising all the way back to your Internet advertising.

This ability to join up newspaper and internet advertising has big benifits. It means that you can join together all your properties in one online place, alway listed together as a multi-property display, increasing the number of properties of yours that a prospect can see.

Its a simple process. Every time a prospect enters your phone number into the SeeItOnTheNet search box they get a listing ( fig. 1) of your properties. If you have many properties, each will appear with any pictures and text you included in your SeeItOnTheNet webpages and it's FREE !

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So whats the big deal....

With all your property ads in one place, SeeItOnTheNet removes the expense of running your own website, SeeItOnTheNet Listings Image fig. 1 or paying an estate agent or letting agent so saving you time and money. Giving you more control of your advertising spend.

SeeItOnTheNet Offers You :

  • Free Unlimited regular listings
  • Your Property appear in all related SeeItOnTheNet searches
  • Your advert is submitted to Google, Yahoo!, Bing, Ask and others for indexing.
  • No need to "Bump" your property listing to keep items on top
  • Phone Number searches return all your properties together
  • Email a Question Service included
  • Straightforward and easy to use
SeeItOnTheNet Item listing fig. 2

This website is a great tool to aid you when selling or letting, and is a great help when using any form of advertising like newspaper classifieds. It gives you all the benefits of your own website, without all the difficulties running your own website brings.

Marketing property yourself gives you greater control, and cost savings. So no matter your choice of advertising (Newspaper Classified advertising, Googles Adwords etc.). SeeItOnTheNet is here to help you market your property ( fig. 2) in a timely and cost effective way, no matter what you offer your clients and tenants.

How do I get Started.....

Getting started is easy and FREE !

First you need to register. So go to the Home page and click on Make an Ad link. This will take you through a quick location finder and then to a simple registration page. Next you'll get an email sent to you to confirm your email address. While your email arrives you can add your first property listing, and when you have confirmed your email address you'll be able to add pictures of your property to your listing.

You can now make as many property ads as you want. Your ads are published automatically, and will appear within 15 minutes.

Remember you can advertise your property anywhere you want to. All people need to find your adverts on the SeeItOnTheNet website is our web address and your phone number or email address, and hey presto your ads will appear listed together.

And you can still use SeeItOnTheNet by word of mouth so to speak when people respond to your other ads.

One final thing to remember......

There are no passwords to remember on SeeItOnTheNet! Your confirmation email contain a web link that acts as your user name and password combined, you just need to click it to be taken to your SeeItOnTheNet account page, so put it somewhere safe ! (But don't worry if you loose it as you can get a replacement.)

Now get started and remember let your prospective clients SeeItOnTheNet !