Using Google Adwords with your listings

Google Adword and others advertisers like Bing are powerful tools for marketing on the Internet. Using Adwords to market your listings on SeeItOnTheNet is simpley a matter of adding the correct web link to your Adwords.

It is recommended that you read the Image of Google Adwords Home PageGoogle Adwords help pages. These will lead you through all that you will need to build working Adword advertising links to your listings on SeeItOnTheNet.

You will need a web link which is often talked about as a URL. The URL is the address a browser uses to get to the page it has been asked to show, and in the case of SeeItOnTheNet there are two possible URL's to locate your listings.

The first will link all the listings you have on SeeItOnTheNet to your Adwords Ad like a webshop, and the second link type will list a singe items listing. Constructing your chosen URL requires some thought for the first typeof URL and a simple copy and paste for the second type of URL.

Google Adwords asks you to fill in two URL's the first is displayed in the Ad and should be the second URL required makes the link to your listings when the adwords ad is clicked on. These links are described below:

Lets take the first Type which lists all your listings:

The URL is constructed from the phone number you used in your registration with each space between the numbers filled with a %20 so that the "aaaaa" is replaced with the Area code, the "bbbb" is replaced with the District code, and the "cccc" is replaced with the Subscriber number.

e.g. 0161 497 1234 becomes:

or for phone numbers with two parts, the Area code as "aaaaa" and the Subscriber number as "cccccc"

e.g. 01527 123456 becomes:

Remember to use the "%20" as the spacer filler between diffrent parts of the numbers. You should also test the URL you've constructed once finished by typing or cuting and pasting it into the address box of your browser and clicking GO. When you have confirmed that it takes you to your desired page you can use it in your Adwords advertising.

Now for the second type of URL. It contains a direct link to an Item. The best way to get this URL is to navigate your way and open the page that has you chosen item on it and then to look in the Address Box of your browser. There you will see a URL similar to this one so hown below:


IE8 address bar close up

You will notice the long number at the end, this it your items ID number on the system and it will never changed so you can use it as a permanent link (a.k.a. Perma link).

Now drag over the URL address in the box and Copy the URL or write it down.

You now have all the URL's you need to link to any of your Items listed on SeeItOnTheNet.