Selling Your House with Newspaper Ads & SeeItOnTheNet

Here we offer you free help with advertising your house For Sale with a FREE online brochure of your property.

Taking on the role of "Estate Agent" yourself means having to promote your house in some way until its sold. This may seem a little simplistic but its important you realise there is real work to do to, to sell your house effectively. Your biggest chance of selling your home is to advertise it locally, this means advertising it in the local press every week or so until it's SOLD.

You may be asking why not just sell it on the Internet, and the reason is simple, most websites rely on passing visitors from all over the country searching their site for property in your area. Searches from these site return too many results and your advert will simply get lost. Thats why newspaper advertising is so useful, your ad is always on top, and asking the paper for some colour like a yellow will make it very eye catching. Plus add in the web link to your micro website with a picture brochure of your house from SeeItOnTheNet will make it stand out.

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Howto: Selling A House with SeeItOnTheNet

Start by taking a box in the classified property section of your local newspaper and putting in the basic house information for your house e.g.(Excellent 3 Bed Semi Upper High St)with the price your asking or say something like "priced to sell" which is always true. Follow this with your contact details, either a phone number or email address and finally add our web address (with or without the www.)at the bottom, I'll explain this in a moment.

Next you need a brochure, this is normally supplied by an expensive estate agent, but today you can make your own quickly by using SeeItOntheNet to build an online picture portfolio of your house that will link to your classified ads.

To make your brochure, first give the house a wash and brush up, if it needs it, and then take photo's of the outside, back and front, and then every room you feel shows your house at its best.

Then armed with the pictures plan a virtual trip through you house, starting at the front,on a piece of paper, if you want you can measure the rooms and add this information to the description for each photo. If your not sure about the sizes say there approximate or that the buyer should confirm sizes themselves, just to cover yourself.

Then using the Make_Free_ads link on our front page start to make one ad listing for each picture you want to use in your planned house tour sequence.

The reason for this is that we group all the individual listings that you make together and then display them all together in date order so when people come and search with your phone number or email address from your classified adverts they will see all your pictures in the sequence you made them with titles and a description together in one listing as a virtual brochure.

So once you've finished your online brochure its there for as long as you need it, and if people call wanting information on your house you can direct them back to the website or just invite them round, or both.

If you want to see what else you can use SeeItOnTheNet for visit Better Newspaper Ads with Web Linked Pictures.