Free Classified Advertising And More !

SeeItOnTheNet offers you the tools to make the very most of your online and offline adverts such as newspaper classified ads. We link your newspaper ads to picture images on the Internet with nothing more than the phone number you put in your ads! And give your ad to all the big search engines like Google, Yahoo!, Bing, and Ask for indexing on the world wide web.

SeeItOnTheNet also links any pictures and text you put here to any Newspaper ads that has you phone number or email in it. So every time someone enters your phone number into the SeeItOnTheNet search box they get a listings of all your items, in one place, just like a webshop. Each item will appear with any pictures and text you included in your SeeItOnTheNet listings.

So whats the big deal....

With all your ads in one place, SeeItOnTheNet removes the need for all the expense of running your own website, SeeItOnTheNet Listings Imagefreeing up your valuble time to get on making a success of your business. In this way you will make the most of your advertising spend always pointing your customer to your no nonsence webshop listings.

SeeItOnTheNet Offers You

  • Free Unlimited listings
  • Your items appear in all SeeItOnTheNet related searches
  • Your advert is submitted to Google, Yahoo!, Bing, Ask and others for indexing.
  • No need to "Bump" your listing to keep items on top
  • Phone Number searches return all your listings together
  • Email a Question Service included
  • Straightforward and easy to use

This is a great tool for anyone selling through Newspaper Classifies and the like. It gives you many of the benefits an ecommerce site such as a webshop, without all the difficulties that can bring. Each of your items when displayed will includes options for SeeItOnTheNet Item listing quantity and delivery and allows you to organise your own payment methods, such as email invoicing. All in all a very flexibil platform to help you sell through Newspaper Classified advertising or Googles Adwords (Using Google's Adword with SeeItOnTheNet). What you offer and how you market it is up to you ! SeeItOnTheNet is here to help you on your way no matter what you offer your clients.

How do I get Started.....

Using SeeItOnTheNet is very simple, and FREE !

Getting started is easy ! To register go to the Home page and click on Make an Ad link on the page. This will take you through a quick location finder and then to a simple registration page. Finally you'll get an email to confirm your email address; while it arrives you can add your first listing, and when you confirm your email address you can also add pictures to your listings.

Your ads are published automatically, and will appear within 15 minutes.

Next write your ad and put it in you Newspaper of choice, such as your local newspaper or in a flyer, not forgetting to add the web address "" at the bottom of your ad. If its in the free press you may have to check they allow web addresses in your ads. For those papers that don't allow this all is not lost. You can still use SeeItOnTheNet by word of mouth so to speak when people respond to your ads.

One thing to remember......

There are no passwords to remember! Your confirmation email contain a web link that you just need to click to be taken to your account page so put it somewhere safe, but don't worry if you loose it as you can get a replacement. Now get started and remember let your customers SeeItOnTheNet !